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Investigation and Recon

In service of ascertaining the truth, the Fenris Corporation is your partner for investigations, observations and reconnaissance.

Regrettably there is always the possibility that you, your family or your company becomes the victim of crime. A family member is being kidnapped, a transport is being robbed, a production facility sabotaged or a business secret stolen. When law enforcement is not willing or not able to help you, the Fenris Corporation will come to your aid.

In cases of concrete suspicion kidnapping, theft, spionage or sabotage our specialists will act. We work quickly, flexibly, discreetly, effectively and economically. Through our investigations we will make sure that you will get the necessary and valuable insights and evidence for the enforcement of your legal claim and that the culprits will not escape justice by escaping.

Fuerhtermore, we acquire and gather information about potential and actual sources of danger. An existing, profitable trading route is repeatedly being threatened by pirates? We search and find the source. You want to establish a new location or a new trading route in a fringe system? We reconnoiter the system and write a risk disclosure statement, with which you can exactly calculate the risks and costs. To protect you and your investment, we use the synergies of all divisions of the Fenris Corporation.

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