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Search and Rescue

The size of space is a danger for the crew, passengers and cargo of a spaceship one should not underestimate. Due to the huge distances the search and rescue is a race against time. Damaged ships and escape capsules have to recovered fastly, lest the human beings inside freeze to death or suffocate and in case of goods, there is a chance that they might rot, are made useless by interstellar radiation or are lost in vast depths of space.

To minimize the time factor, the equipment and our rescue specialist are up to the highest standards. Our experts regularly train with the firefighting and rescue units of the Terra Prime spaceport as well as the local security forces and all our pilots are trained first aiders.

The fleet of the Fenris Corporation is able to fulfill all possible search and rescue operations. From the recovery of stolen datapackages to the repair of a damaged ship in space up to the provision of hospital ship in cases of emergency.

Our best and most experienced specialists are available to you at flexible and economically advantageous conditions. Trust Fenris Corporation and we will do everything in our might to recover your crew, passengers, ship and freight.

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